EuTram-TR(Eugene Transaction Manager)

As a middleware platform that processes transactions in a distributed system environment,
EuTram-TR has excellent performance along with flexible server construction and technological stability.

  • Main Function

    • · Stable processing of mass transactions
    • · Multi-channel interface for terminals and external systems
    • · Providing application program interface(API) and environment for development
    • · Managing platform (start, stop and monitoring)
    • · Distributing software and exchanging data
    • · Processing connection to DB system
    • · Encoding and/or decoding messages
    • · Conducting real-time monitoring and automatic restoration during logins and errors
  • Strength

    • ·With a design optimized for performance, EuTram is a lightweight solution that provides powerful transaction processing.
    • ·Standardized interface for data exchange provides easy communication resulting in flexible and scalable server construction
    • ·Module-based design allows architecture changes and customization to easily fit environment for development
    • ·Management of platform (system startup and shutdown, process management)
    • ·Convenience in development and reuse of code guaranteed by development environment and API
  • EuTram-TR Transaction Process