• Annuity / Insurance

    National pension, insurance for employment, occupational health and safety, and health and retirement annuity

  • Childbirth / Childcare Leave

    Leave before and after childbirth and that for childcare

  • Allowances

    Compensation for unused annual or monthly leave, childcare grant, allowance for multi-child family

  • Transportation / Commuting

    Fuel expenses paid by company (or company vehicles available)

  • Social Club / Group

    Employee Association Group (for supporting family events)

  • Support / Loans

    Financial support for school, family event and communication

  • Festive Holiday / Anniversary

    Birthday gift and party

  • Education / Training

    Education for improving employee performance and support for acquisition of professional qualifications and educational expenses

  • Medical Treatment / Health

    Health exam (including spouse)

  • Holiday / Vacation

    Annual and monthly paid vacations, leave for family event or half-day, Labor Day holiday and incentive vacation